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Rules of Thumb for Hanging Drapes

We love the way drapes make a decorated room feel complete, but they must be placed well and suit the space to optimize the interior design, looking as lovely as possible. So how do you know if you’re choosing curtains that are the right size and placing them well? There are some basic rules of thumb to follow that can get you on the right track for hanging that finishing touch. We found an excellent tutorial you can check out from Canadian House & Home, and here are some pared down tips to keep in mind:

  • If there’s at least a foot between window and ceiling, place the curtain rod halfway between them.
  • For a lower ceiling, hang the rod very close to it to give the room the appearance of added height.
  • Curtains that reach the floor—without extra fabric—usually look best.
  • Drapes should look full, meaning the panel is wide enough to double the width of the rod.

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Photo by Jonny Valiant via Canadian House & Home blog


An Array of Window Treatments

Decorated rooms just don’t feel finished until they have window treatments, and with so many options to choose from—long and layered drapes, a simple valance, Roman shades—there’s a window treatment out there to suit all the rooms in your home. If you’re still skeptical, though, House Beautiful has put together a slideshow on Designer Window Treatments, with “ideas that will complement every room in the house.” Here are some of our favorites:

These extra long drapes help ground the room’s exceptionally high ceiling, and the big pattern blends well with the furniture.

This blue, brown and cream room features wool satin curtains with detailed edging.

This dining room gets pattern and texture from the red plaid curtains and natural shades.

And the window treatments in this guest room match the headboard and bed skirt for a cohesive look.

You can view the whole House Beautiful slideshow here. For help selecting the perfect window treatments for your space, contact CMR Interiors at 888-696-5133.

Images: Thomas Loof, Eric Piasecki, Thibault Jeanson and James Merrell for House Beautiful

Beautiful High-Rise Living

Especially given the rough economic state in the U.S. and its distressed housing market, the popularity of apartment living is on the rise. But living in an apartment by no means has to compromise the beauty of the interior design. In fact, we spotted great photos of a high-rise apartment designed by Steven Gambrel over on Habitually Chic. His design scheme was inspired by the movie set of Six Degrees of Separation, and we must say, it turned out wonderfully. But we’re sure you’re ready to see the pictures now, right? Here is just a sampling of our favorites:

We love these stunning and shimmery drapes in the high-rise’s large bedroom:

And the drapes in the library are equally chic, blending well with the orange walls without looking matchy-matchy. Gambrel certainly didn’t shy away from color!

We couldn’t help but notice the breathtaking city skyline view from the windows.

You can view all the pictures here.

Photos: Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic and courtesy of Hearst, all via Habitually Chic

Conrad Shades & Odd Shaped Window Applications

I love the look of  Conrad Shades for Chicago and suburban homes.  They are a unique product that is fantastic in homes ranging from modern, minimalist, transitional and even to the more traditional homes. These shades are understated, yet warm with an earthy organic look to them. So many times men are not crazed about the thought of window treatments. But even the guys I show these to happen to appreciate the look.

Conrad shades are certainly not the cheapest of shades….they are a higher end woven product somewhat similar in price to what Hunter Douglas refers to as their “wovens”. But that is as far as it goes in the comparison of the two products.

However Conrads are far nicer in various details that typically make up a woven shade.  For one, control versatility is high on this product. And because each window treatment is custom, they can make their shades for odd shapes and sizes of windows, bowed or curved windows. Also for the high rises where there are ceiling floor to ceiling windows, conrads are a perfect installation because they can make the shades in wider runs and higher heights than other company who have limited sizing. Conrads have smaller 1 inch by 1 inch headers –which are more discrete and attractive at the top of a window than other brands too.

Another benefit of these shades is adding texture to rooms that may have little architecture or too much drywall everywhere. So it gives the room nice  texture.

For those who love motorized shades I like the conrad motorized shades where they can be controlled easily with a buttom, panel or from a computer.

Please take a look at these pictures from the Conrads website of installations.

Photo Credit: CMR Interiors

Photo Credit: Conrad Shades