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Time to Rethink Your Outdoor Lighting?

May is National Home Remodeling month!  If you’ve been thinking of dusting off an old project or taking up a new one, then this is just the excuse you’ve been looking for.  Consider undertaking an outdoor project, like freshening up the outside of you home or back deck area with some gorgeous lighting.  After all, outdoor lighting has many benefits, with safety and security being at the forefront.

Part of the San Gabriel Collection by ELK Lighting

Part of the Bennington Collection by Troy Lighting

Per safety, consider how a well lit outdoor area boasts few shadows on its steps, paths, or anything that people might trip over.  Your guests won’t want to navigate through an obstacle course every time they come over.

Large Outdoor Pendant Light by Craftmade Light & Sound

Outdoor lighting has come a long way and there are so many more choices than there was just a year ago!

Part of the The Chaumont Collection by ELK Lighting

Part of the Le Havre Collection by Framburg

Look into remote activation and control features for an outdoor lighting system.  This would allow you to turn on your outdoor lighting from anywhere in your home.

Part of the Maidstone Collection by Troy Lighting


CFLs Not Really Green

Don’t buy the hype: Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are not green or energy efficient. In fact, we suggest you stock up on incandescent bulbs which will be the new black market in electricity– before they are outlawed in early 2012. So what’s our reasoning?        This article explains it very well.  Here are some of the key points:

  • Thinking that CFLs are more efficient, people will be encouraged to leave lights on longer than they would have. In our condo building, my husband changes the bulbs, all of which are flourescent and do not last any longer than regular light bulbs. They are constantly out.
  • The years-long life expectancy of CFLs is simply inaccurate, especially since a CFL’s lifespan is reduced when turning it on and off.
  • Incandescent bulbs cost much less than CFLs and last longer, so your “energy savings” is canceled out by having to pay more to replace a shorter-lasting bulb.
  • CFLs have mercury in them, which isn’t biodegradable and builds up in landfills. Even with the option of special recycling places for CFLs, most people will probably still toss them in the trash.
  • Some European countries are now trying to BAN the CFL because its not living up to it’s hype and are bad for the environment.

You can learn more about the soon mandatory CFL bulbs here.

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Sophisticated Kitchen Island Lighting

The days of the dinky primary-colored glass euro pendants over a large island — are over with for designers and has been for a while. Nothing makes us wince like the wrong lighting in a decent kitchen. It’s what I tend to notice first.

Now, designers use more sophisticated, architecturally interesting and daring lighting schemes in kitchens over the islands. Here are some great examples and some new lighting pieces out there.

Lancaster Kitchen Light
Large Corsica Lantern
Currey & Company
Wiggins Pendant
Currey & Company
Eufaula Lantern
Currey & Company
Driftwood Lantern
Currey & Company
Driftwood Pendant
Currey & Company
Ironware International Lantern

Richard Livingston of Period Interiors

Cassiopeia 6 Light Chandelier
Ironware International
Bijou 1 pendant light
Ironware International

House Beautiful

J. Tribble Design
Veranda Magazine

Heron Lantern
Remains Lighting