Lineoleum & Vinyl: Cool, Green, & Updated for those on a budget

I’ve already decided: my next floors will be linoleum and I don’t care what anyone thinks. I like linoleum. And I like new vinyl wood floors. They have come a long way.  Linoleum is a green product, great for people with allergies and pets..and its very easy to care for. It also doesn’t cause leg fatigue like ceramic.

Do I think its for all homes?  Absolutely Not. Its not for a penthouse or a high-end home. I see it for a smaller cottage like homes or bungalows. You have to use it carefully especially with furniture and design. Everything around it has to stay within price perspective.

I like the thought of linoleum with a mix of white oak floors about the house, but I’ve always wanted an interesting floor in my kitchen without spending crazy money and this is the way to achieve that. I can see a checker board floor but not in black in white…in my next kitchen. The colors these days are wide and current, and you have a lot of choice in the design because they have more rectangular sizes and varied square sizes.  Now they even have crocodile embossed vinyl as well .    Which is gorgeous but not as cheap as a simple colored marmoleum linoleum. Also if you grow out of these and want to upgrade, its very easy to put wood right over these floors.

Vinyl Wood floors have come a very long way…look amazing, and are totally appropriate for those who have kids and dogs…..its soft on the legs and feet and just needs a special soap for the vinyl and water on occasion. I have seen it used in home gyms , kitchens,  and throughout the house of a MODERATE priced home.

Sheila at International Floor Coverings in Chicago (847) 943-2016 has the nicest  Vinyl Wood flooring samples to choose from. I’m not so sure if she has a lot of Marmoleum. Her typical client doesn’t request this but she could easily get samples if you need them.


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