Fantastic New Diet Cookbook

I’m not a practiced dieter. My Mother was on a constant diet, and aunts and other members of the family. But I just assumed I would never have to worry about this area because I was always  skinny. Watching others diet  seemed like a constant roller coaster of planning and work.

Since I  love cooking, and starving is not negotiable, I have turned to Cooking Light Magazine, who has the best tested recipes. But little overall information on dieting in general. I also found NOW EAT THIS DIET, endorsed by Dr. Oz and a very thorough, colorful, organized DIET book to help all dieters and newcomers to eating light,  finally get it straight.

What’s great about this Now Eat This Diet, is the order of the book. Whoever compiled the book is a great project manager….it’s extremely  thorough & educational. The recipes are full of taste without the fat and sugar. And the book gives you a concrete idea of what you should be eating outside of the book. What a typical 1200 a day calorie diet looks like vs a 1400 calorie a day to maintain a weight.

I hope Rocco Dispirito comes out with a second version that is full of more recipes. I’ve tried several and they have all been fantastic.


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