How to Use Window Films

I have a kitchen window that looks to nothing but my neighbor’s greystone 6 feet from me….I can see that she needs new windows and isn’t taking proper care of her lentels or her masonry. Also her bedrooms windows are across from me and she has horrid draperies…so I need to cover it up.

I could do a window treatment but I want the natural light to come through, but want privacy. So after much thought, I’m just going to do this cotton linen like window film.

Where else can you use this film:

1. Top Boxes where you don’t want to do anything decorative on top but want the lights to shine through
2. On kitchen cabinetry on the glass panels, so the items inside don’t have to be so need to be so perfectly displayed…but it still will slightly show through so you can’t have it be a mess either.
3. Basement windows where you want privacy from your neighbors on the side windows and you want the natural light
4. For Double Hung windows where no one is living above you and can look down into your top part of your window and then the treatment can be like a top down, bottom up shade.
5. Bathroom windows around a tub window or a toilet room widow, where you want tons natural light but camouflaged privacy.
6. Kids rooms to look as a sheer with curtains if very close to a neighbor’s house.
7. Front Door Glass to let the natural light through but privacy (plain frosted or cotton or linen)

Photo Credit: Decorative Film Store


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