New Ideas for Faux Paint in Homes

Can’t afford high end wood doors in your home? Need to do something interesting with your front door? I love these ideas for faux painting from Allison Cosmos:

1. A stria finish on a plain double panel door makes the door look far more high end. A high gloss black or hot color would have looked great as well!

Here is the same door in a dining room with fabulous wallcovering. Look how much better a wood finished door looks over a white!

Here is a close up of the finish. Gorgeous!

Here is another great pic of those doors in the living room. See what  a huge difference its makes?

2. I like interesting ceilings in dining rooms, so I like this darkened ceiling. It makes the room feel more intimate, and I’m sure this is some kind of pearlized copper leaf finish. It looks more finished.

3. This cute table for a hallway area gets a facelift. Before:


4. A sweet but dated bedside chest. Before:


Take stock of what you have around the house, and what could be improved with sophisticated painting techniques



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