How Décor Can Help You Look Younger

Just as outdated clothes scream that you bought them years ago, outdated home décor can loudly show that your home’s interior design is from a different era. Design site ShelterPop did a great piece recently, cutely pointing out “The bad news: Your decor is aging you. The good news: Redecorating is less painful than botox.”

The rest of the article goes over ways your décor can make you seem younger. A couple of suggestions include updating drab florals with more current ones, like metal flower-shaped accessories, or switching from overhead lighting to the younger look of lamp lighting. Like we said, it’s a light-hearted but interesting article, and we suggest you check it out.

If you really want your décor to make you look younger, hiring an interior designer who knows what’s current will do the trick. Contact CMR Interiors for help updating your old Chicago-area interiors.

Image: Arteriors via ShelterPop


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