Carpet Helps Prevent Allergy Problems

Tai Ping Carpet

Outdoor allergies have been affecting a lot of people this spring, but indoor allergies can be just as bad. Shaw Floors has done a really interesting article related to allergens and carpet. Although this may seem counter-intuitive, the article reports that:

“It has been demonstrated that carpet is quite efficient at keeping allergen and other small particles such as pollen out of the air. In fact, data from a Swedish government study indicates that when use of carpet declined, the number of people reporting allergy problems increased.”

Though at first you may be worried about having allergens trapped in your carpet, it’s actually going to stop allergens from affecting you. The allergens affect you when you breathe them in—when they’re airborne, which they’re not when they’re in the carpet. You can also get these allergens out of the carpet by vacuuming and cleaning. Check out the Shaw Floors article to learn more—it’s an interesting read.

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