Orange Cat Needs a Great Home

We would like to find a home for Orange Cat. He is the last of our brood of random orange alley cats.

He needs a private farm, estate-like house with a pet loving couple or person where he can have his insulated custom house and his own area away from obnoxious dogs. He’s domesticated and needs to be fed daily. Outdoor cats are not meant to be unfed–they are not lions with an abundance of gazelle running around.

He gets lots of attention–a few minutes a day in the winter, but more time in the summer when we do yard work and gardening. He loves attention and is very friendly but loves treats!

He is very social, has his claws and needs them to be an outdoor cat to protect himself.

He is HIV Cat Positive, which hasn’t really meant anything to us; he seems completely no different than our other cats except for the fact that he has gastro problems. We built this house for him because he was outside and all alone, always getting into garbage. He wasn’t healthy, so we started feeding him and taking care of him.  I think he goes to the bathroom in the two empty lots next to us…he is smart enough not to go around his house which I find amusing. Cats are smart that way–the way they bury things.

He was the major stud of the neighborhood, and a big alpha cat who likes to fight. Now he is fixed, wanders a lot less, and fights a lot less as well. Occassionally I see a scratch on his nose or ears but its usually from a female. The vet says he is in good shape and his teeth are doing well. He has his microchip, has his claws, and all his shots; they were given to him at Treehouse Foundation.

I would take him inside if I didn’t have cats already, but he is a fighter and very alpha, so that won’t work since our cats are all male.

I’d like to find the ideal situation for him, which would be a private house, fenced-in private yard where he could live, and yes, he totally lives in his house at night when it’s cold. I have straw in there and a little micro fleece bed. Straw works best because it stays dry.

He gets fed every morning around 8 or 9. He is domesticated and needs love and comfort, and we bring him inside when the weather is under… or when a blizzard is coming.

Let me know if you have any interest!

Photos: CMR Interiors


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