Master Bedroom: Before and After

Have you ever been faced with an empty room? For a lot of people, it can be an intimidating experience. This was a condo project at the Chandler building in Chicago.

How should you choose a color scheme? Or find the perfect furniture? Or, for that matter, know where to place said furniture once you do find it? Decisions, decisions.

One of our clients came to us with a completely clean slate—which designers love. Makes the job easier for the client and the designer because we can have one consistent statement through the house instead of it looking hodge podge.

Here’s what it looked like before:   inflated bed on the floor and that’s about it. And a view with no window treatments.

I took the colors from outside…those greens and terra cottas and brought them indoors….gorgeous green iridescent grass cloth wallpaper–which makes these shoebox like condo’s so much more warm. Worth every penny. Linen bedding, all custom casegoods except for the dresser. Drapes for blackout at night that go all the way across on a sliding track. A few textural Pillows and one print…..Here’s what it looked like after transforming it into a comfortable and beautiful after. I wish we would have had a larger budget so I could have done a better chair in the room but this client was adamant on their budget and money only goes so far in these projects…so to me the chair is okay, but it could be better. It should be taller to give height to that side of the room and be more in line with the bed.

If you have trouble envisioning the perfect after look for your space’s barren before, contact CMR Interiors. We offer interior design consultation and selection expertise in the Chicago area.

Photos: Designs by CMR Interiors


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