The Wonderful World of Home Automation

The popularity of home automation has been spreading lately, as technology is becoming streamlined and more user-friendly. People are turning to technology for control over their home’s lighting, audio/video, home theaters, security and even energy management—and often, whole-home control systems that encompass all of these things.

Touchpanels are the part of a home automation solution that allows people to access their control systems; essentially, touchpanels are very similar to remotes. And now there are apps for your iPhone and iPad that let you use these devices as remotes as well. How cool is that?! With “snazzy controls” being named a top home automation trend, installers can import the graphics on a touchpanel into an interface on an iPad, according to Electronic House.

What do you think of the advancement of technology in the home? Do you have an automation system, or are you planning on installing one? Let us know!

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