Time to Rethink Your Outdoor Lighting?

May is National Home Remodeling month!  If you’ve been thinking of dusting off an old project or taking up a new one, then this is just the excuse you’ve been looking for.  Consider undertaking an outdoor project, like freshening up the outside of you home or back deck area with some gorgeous lighting.  After all, outdoor lighting has many benefits, with safety and security being at the forefront.

Part of the San Gabriel Collection by ELK Lighting

Part of the Bennington Collection by Troy Lighting

Per safety, consider how a well lit outdoor area boasts few shadows on its steps, paths, or anything that people might trip over.  Your guests won’t want to navigate through an obstacle course every time they come over.

Large Outdoor Pendant Light by Craftmade Light & Sound

Outdoor lighting has come a long way and there are so many more choices than there was just a year ago!

Part of the The Chaumont Collection by ELK Lighting

Part of the Le Havre Collection by Framburg

Look into remote activation and control features for an outdoor lighting system.  This would allow you to turn on your outdoor lighting from anywhere in your home.

Part of the Maidstone Collection by Troy Lighting


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