The benefits of a steel framed house

According to, steel framed homes are far superior to wooden framed homes, and it’s not difficult to see why.  Simply start by looking at the material properties.  Steel: tough, lightweight, flexible, resistant to the elements and insects.  Wood: stiff, heavy, vulnerable to the elements and to termites.

When was the last time you saw an aluminum frame catch fire?  Better still, one eaten by termites?  If you’ve got a wooden framed home and you’re not worried about termites, you probably should be.  In 1998, Hawaii rotated out wooden framed homes in favor of steel in an effort to lower the number of homes throughout the state that are destroyed every year by the local termites. Many buyers buy homes only later to find the structure has been compromised by termites and termites are extremely costly to treat. Many times the previous owner wasn’t even aware of the termites, especially if they had regularly painted their home and covered up the evidence frequently by painting and filling walls and trim.

Also, steel framing’s “tough but flexible” traits help keep homes upright when things like hurricanes or earthquakes storm or shake-down and across an area.

Steel is also cost efficient.  Obviously by having a home that is less likely to be consumed by parasites or collapse from the weather or natural disasters will save you money.  But little things like how steel frames walls, squared cornered and straight, ultimately rule out any nail pops in the drywall of a home, which can also save you from having to hire someone to aid in home adjustments.

And while the cost of wood keeps escalating, the cost of steel fails to increase as the price per board feet inflates.

But there are also more benefits for both builders and customers considering steel framed homes as opposed to wood framed homes.  Steel framed homes are faultlessly constructed, boasting endearing engineered components.  When compared to wooden framed homes, steel framed homes posses an infinitely greater strength to weight percentage, a sturdier, lighter frame that won’t rot, shrink, or warp, and are capable of withstanding hurricane winds and seismic quakes covering a large area, while allowing for more room to live, work, and play within a home.

Steel framed homes don’t contain anything toxic, and lack any allergens.  They are easy to recyclable and reuse, are durable and highly unlikely to incur door  or window jamming, and cost effective – possibly lowing insurance premiums due to their elemental resistance to fire, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

If you’re having a home built, make the right choice and choose a steel framed home!

Photo courtesy of clarita.


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