The Wonders of Eye Exams

We know we’re an interior design firm, but today we want to talk about something a little off topic from decorating and remodeling: retinal scan machines. Admittedly, this is slightly random, but CMR Interiors’ Candice Mathers recently heard from her aunt about a woman who had breast cancer but didn’t know about it until it showed up on her retina scan. Amazing, right?

Retinal scans are often used as an identification measure since the human eye is similar to a fingerprint: everyone has a unique retina. But eye exams can also help detect diseases—and not just eye diseases! As Dr. Ari Weitzner writes on Eye Doc News, Ophthalmology Online:

“Ophthalmologists can detect many ‘silent’ diseases that no other doctor can. For example, we can find tiny clots in the retina blood vessels that can often mean that a patient is at high risk for stroke or heart attack, or, can be a sign of leukemia. I have saved many lives this way.”

These scans can also detect cancer, diabetes, cardio vascular disease, brain tumors, eye disease, hypertension, and getting a retinal scan can also save your eyesight. You can have a hemorrage without knowing about it….macular degeneration or a detached retina.

Its not a painful at all–and it gives a very clear scan of the inside of the eye.

We think it’s important for people to get yearly eye exams yearly to  check their overall health , because this scan does have a preventative nature to it . An eye exam typically costs about 140 out of pocket unless you have eyecare insurance .

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