Decorating the Nursery

We’ve already talked about decorating a playroom on our blog, but kids’ rooms can also be a challenge. If you’re stumped by how to design a stylish nursery, don’t worry—it can be done. Nurseries need to be functional, but they can also be fun, like design blog Decorati Access points out. These spaces can stray from formality and embrace a bit of decorating playfulness. Look at this nursery from our own portfolio:

Stylish, yes, while also creative. Look at the fun wall design. You probably wouldn’t see colorful circles like these in a formal living room, but they work perfectly in a nursery. Here’s another one of our nursery designs:

It has all the functional elements, like a crib and reclining chair, but it doesn’t compromise décor. A pretty window seat houses throw pillows and stuffed animals, framed by complementary drapes.

If you’re interested in a beautiful and practical nursery design, contact CMR Interiors today.


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One response to “Decorating the Nursery”

  1. Allison Cosmos says :

    I particularly like the soft pink and sage green nursery, it has such a beautiful restful energy without being fussy.

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