How to Work with a Tiny Master Bath

There are times when you have a teeny tiny master bath to deal with –and nothing can be done about moving the mechanicals or plumbing—you are stuck !   I have a client like this in a townhouse in Dearborn Park, here in Chicago. So we met to discuss with Monica and her husband Kurt to determine a game plan on how to make it work. There are better ways of making the space seems larger than it is…..and by using higher end materials in some aspects, you can still bring desire for the townhouse without going overboard. Here were my suggestions and here is an example of a small bathroom maximized for space with new products from Toto:


  1. Pocket Doors Essential in Small Bathrooms: Find a way to get in a pocket door; when you have a tiny bathroom, a regular door is just in the way– not to mention annoying, especially when two people are trying to fit into a cramped space!
  2. Use Fewer Contrasting Materials in tile:  Instead of using various mismatched sized tiles of the same stone and try to keep the bathroom monochrome and light in color so it looks larger and less cut up. To save money on tile use an attractive limestone, buy in larger sizes, and then have a stone company cut the pieces for you so you can have different sizes in different places. Its more precise to have a stone fabricator cut up than your tile guy who will charge more in labor.
  3. Walk in Shower or tub?   My client wanted to get rid of the tub and just have a walk-in shower—this helps because then they can do a half pane of tempered glass across the front and not have to run across-which save money and not having a high step-in tub and instead having a walk-in shower makes the space seems larger as well.
  4. Floating vanity: When you have a tiny bath but really need storage in your vanity, then float the vanity so the room again feels a little larger. Having space under the floating vanity makes the room seem deeper. Although you have to run the tile and finish the baseboard under the vanity, it’s nice-looking and worth the extra expense.
  5. Lighting: You want to make sure you have enough lighting so there are no dark corners in the bathroom—at least two 4-inch cans in the shower and one can over the faucet, as well as ample sconce lighting with wall lights on both sides of the vanity walls, either on the side walls or two on the back wall.
  6. Details: A custom medicine cabinet that offers more storage and has built-in tube lights (like this one from Kramer Design Studio) would work really well.
  7. A great toilet that’s streamlined & clean: Take much consideration to your toilet and try to get something that looks small and compact and not bulky. Also comfort height is a must.
  8. Velux Skylight : This client had one small sun light that didn’t allow for any ventilation and didn’t have controls. I suggested the Velux skylight that is double the size in length because more natural sunlight makes the space feel more open , even if it’s not and with Velux you can get in fresh air ventilation at a control of a button. Nice.
  9. Accessories: Hooks go in the back of the shower for towels so they are not out in the open and are where you need them when you get done with your shower.
  10. Hidden Toiletries: Niches are great  in the back of the shower for shampoo and toiletries so that they are hidden. Plan around your towel hooks .

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