Rules of Thumb for Hanging Drapes

We love the way drapes make a decorated room feel complete, but they must be placed well and suit the space to optimize the interior design, looking as lovely as possible. So how do you know if you’re choosing curtains that are the right size and placing them well? There are some basic rules of thumb to follow that can get you on the right track for hanging that finishing touch. We found an excellent tutorial you can check out from Canadian House & Home, and here are some pared down tips to keep in mind:

  • If there’s at least a foot between window and ceiling, place the curtain rod halfway between them.
  • For a lower ceiling, hang the rod very close to it to give the room the appearance of added height.
  • Curtains that reach the floor—without extra fabric—usually look best.
  • Drapes should look full, meaning the panel is wide enough to double the width of the rod.

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Photo by Jonny Valiant via Canadian House & Home blog


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