Top 5 Freestanding Tubs

Ahh, freestanding tubs. They not only add a classy feel to a bathroom, but they’re also perfect luxury to come to on a cold winter’s night.

Here are CMR Interiors’ favorite five freestanding tubs on the market:

The Old World Bathtub by Stone Forrest comes in six gorgeous finishes.

The .25 Freestanding Oval Bathtub by Waterworks has a simple but graceful form.

And the Clothide Freestanding Bathtub also by Waterworks is entirely handmade. What a luxury!

The Escale® Suite by Kohler was designed based on “a sail in the wind. ”

And we couldn’t leave out this Schon Contemporary 72-inch Freestanding Tub.

Which of these is your favorite?


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One response to “Top 5 Freestanding Tubs”

  1. Bathtub Reviews says :

    Those tubs look great! I really like the “25 Freestanding Oval Bathtub by Waterworks”. Just by looking at these bathtubs makes me feel like having a bath! They all have great elegant designs and would make any bathroom look amazing!

    – Brett

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