3 Simple Tips to Clean out the Clutter This Holiday Season

While some folks opt for the proverbial spring cleaning in the months of February or March, the winter is also a great time to clear out the clutter and make room for items to come in the New Year. It’s also a great way to make space for the loads of Christmas presents that you and your family has most likely amassed. The folks over at Good Housekeeping have put together a great list of their top 25 ways to clear the clutter this holiday season. CMR Interiors encourages you to take a look at top 3 favorites!

Visit Good Housekeeping to view the entire list of tips!  Great article.


Books that you've read, especially paperbacks, or whose pages have remained unrifled for more than a year. Why not mark the boxes of yard sale candidates now with the prices you plan to charge? 50 cents for paperback? $1 for hard covers? Consider giving art books and good-condition hardcovers to a local library, school, or college.


Whether giving away the goods or saving them for a sale, package them now in clearly marked cardboard boxes that can be stashed in the attic, a dry garage, or your basement until yard sale season commences, or until you have time to visit your local charity drop-off center. Be sure to keep an inventory list of what you donate to share with your accountant at tax time. A write-off is very likely.

Family Photos

Place family snapshots in acid-free archival albums (lightimpressionsdirect.com) to make sure they'll be in happy-to-hand-down condition for generations to come. Remember to make prints of your digital photos so they don't get lost or forgotten on your hard drive.

Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping


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