Top 4 Color Trends for 2011

If you’re like most style-conscious individuals, you’re more than likely interested in staying abreast on the latest design trend predictions for the year ahead. Luckily, the experts at Merida have pulled together their top 8 color trends for 2011 to help with all your interior design planning. With the help of top fashion and interior design magazines and as a member of the Color Marketing Group, Merida’s gained a reputation for being pretty on-target with their predictions from the year’s past. CMR Interiors encourages you to peruse this list of colors when orchestrating your home’s interior color scheme.

#1 Midsummer Night’s Dream

A dramatic combination of Boudreaux reds mixed with rich plum and olive greens

#2: Daybreak

The washed out acidic tones of celery greens, chartreuse, corals, blush and camels are refreshing and new.

# 3: Forrest

Olive oil and army greens ranging from light lime to deep avocado are paired with each other in the same palette.

# 4: Mystic Blue

The unusual combination of indigos, icy grays and camel tones define our Mystic Blue category.

Photo Credit: Merida

Contact CMR Interiors today to learn how we can help create these color schemes in your home.


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