Ruthie & Charlie -Adopted at last.

I am so relieved to have Charlie and Ruthie adopted by such nice people. This is not good weather for cats since they often get dehydrated and ill in subzero temperature. This lovely woman found Charlie from the Hyde Park Cats blog. She and her husband came to get Charlie and one week later I had coaxed them into taking his sister as well. I got the update the other night and both are sleeping together happily–in a very large Victorian style home in Hyde Park.

Penny checks out her new digs

Now their mother, Penny, needs a home so she can get out of this nasty weather. We started building a cat condo for our condo cats three weeks before Charlie and Ruthie were adopted. It has a few finishing touches (corners of the house need cladding) and I have to put straw inside, but other than these small details, it’s ready to go outdoors.

Orange Cat loves the lady cats-- but these girls fight him...his nose is often like this.

This house is framed out, then tyvec was put over it, then rigid insulation and foam for any cracks, then caulked seams, concrete board on the sides of the house, marine finish on all the wood, sisal on the leg and tar paper and roofing shingles. We are waiting for the plastic flap door and I’m going to be straw in the bottom of the house or a cat bed. Straw works better than anything because it dries super quick and stays fresh. Anything else stays wet and damp and is not good for the cat.

Penny on the left, Ruthie right

The roof comes off so we can clean out periodically. I think Orange Cat (who is HIV+ but very healthy) & Penny would not be able to share since she can’t stand him but I could  cut another door and make two units in there instead of one larger one.

I just got bought a heated dog bowl from amazon for our  front porch because cats get dehydrated easily and must have water or they can get sick. So this will stay on my front porch and I will feed them on the shelf under the house. The Cat Condo entrance is high enough to keep out the raccoons.

If anyone is interested in a sweet female cat–who is about 2 years old, has her shots and is fixed, let me know! I think Penny is perfect for someone who only wants only one pet . She is an attention hog and doesn’t like other cats and is scared of dogs.  Thanks!

Photo Credit: CMR Interiors


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2 responses to “Ruthie & Charlie -Adopted at last.”

  1. Ruth says :

    Candace – how have you found the heated dog bowl? What sort did you get? Some of us from HPC want to purchase them for outdoor cats – any recommendations?

    • cmrinteriors says :

      I love this heated dog bowl. Works well for Orange Cat who comes to the porch all winter to get water.

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