Drapery and Window Treatments

An often overlooked aspect of interior decorating that gets put on the back burner are window treatments.

Since they are the perimeter of the room –they completely add and detract from overall architecture of the room. So all the details of a window treatment are very important. The fabric, the color, pattern or the texture , hardware or hidden hardware, the style, length, controls…….or adding layers.

Here is my philosophy on drapery: Houses without window treatments can be fully decorated with art, accessories and gorgeous furniture. BUT the rooms don’t feel like a home without window treatments–the house will still look and feel like a spec house :  austere and somewhat cold and empty without window treatments in the house.

Many of my modern clients are initially against covering their windows. Especially in high rises. But window treatments and drapery are about control of light, not about frilly fabrics and trim. You can have super sleek and modern window treatments , which my clients like because it gives them control over privacy levels, light levels, and draperies even block out street sound and absorb sound  in rooms.

Here are some examples of a simple modern sheer in a Dallas highrise from Architectural Digest, and other photos that show a layered window treatment in various styles of homes. I also frequently install and am a great fan of Conrad Shades for the home which are my favorite to layer under draperies in these highrise homes that have little architectural character, and lots of drywall–where texture is very much needed!

Kips Bay Showcase Charles Pavarini--layered with draperys, a roman and sheers

Architectural Digest: Dallas Highrise Loft with modern ripplefold sheers

Elle Decor picture with boxpleat draperies and sheer romans

Contact CMR Interiors today give your windows an update!


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