5 Steps for a Great Interior Design Consultation

You don’t have to be rich to hire a great designer. Design Consultation is a way to work with a designer on a limited scope. I have many clients I work with who like working like this because they can control their costs and also save money by hiring an expert to begin with.  They just need a designer’s advice for a couple of hours here and there.

And then I have wealthier clients  who know what they want and know they need to hire a designer for a large project. My best advice for these clients is hire me first for a design consultation. By hiring me for a designer consultation before signing a contract we were able to discuss the weaknesses and strengths of a home and how to play on both to make it the best–for their custom project. I’m able to go through the entire house and point out what needs to be renovated or should be, what rooms need more lighting, what fireplace needs work, and look at the house from what I would do it were my home, with this new clients likes and dislikes. When I leave the client has better idea of how to proceed or who they want to hire.

Either way the client wins because they get excellent advice, a quick summation of who I am as a designer, and a great service for a fair price. I also don’t feel like my time has been a waste, and the client got something of value in return. Even if the client decided to go with another designer, they will be able to weigh my comments and advice against their own contractors or designers.

After you’ve chosen a design professional that you feel comfortable working with, the next step is to focus on planning out your decorating consultation.  Here is what I like to see when I come to a clients home or potential future home:

The answers to the following questions should serve as an outline for your consultation planning.

1. Decide Your Budget It’s always important to think ahead about how much money you would like to spend on your decorating project. Narrowing down a budget will prove to be very valuable when deciding on expenditures.

2. What Is Your Design Preference? What’s the look you’d like to create? Are you going for something cool and contemporary or do your digs need to be a bit more on the traditional side? A great way to capture your style is by living in clip. Cut out magazine scraps of furnishings and accessories that appeal to you.

3. Functions For Your New Space Knowing how your new space will be utilized and by who is a very key piece of information for your designer. With this information in hand, he or she will be able to better discern what needs to go where.

4. What Direction Does The Room Face? Contrary to popular belief, whether your home faces the north or south really does actually make a difference! As such, your decorator will make important recommendations based on the orientation of your room.

5. How Long Do You Plan On Living In Your Home? Whether or not you plan on living in the home for a while affects a huge aspect of how the designer will approach their work with it. For example, if you plan on being there for an extended period of time, your designer will more than likely choose materials and furnishings that will improve the quality of your life and will be an investment in your home. If you plan on remaining there for only a few years, he or she will most likely choose design materials that will have wide appeal for home sale profitability.

Contact CMR Interiors today to learn more about scheduling a design consultationone for your space!

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