7 Tips for Hanging Wall Art

Finding that perfect piece of artwork for your home is no easy feat. But once you’ve gone through the trouble of selecting it, the work’s not over—the daunting task of deciding where you’d like to display it still lies ahead. Placing a beautiful piece of art in the correct spot makes a huge difference in how it is received. Placing an over-sized canvas in a too-small room just doesn’t do its aesthetics justice. And placing a delicately small piece in a cavernous room can cause it to loose its luster.

Use painters paper and painters tape to hang up templates of finished framed pieces for layout

The recommendation is to consult a professional interior designer to help with this job, but for those of you who want to go it alone, consider the answer to these questions first: Are you filling a large or small space? What tone are you hoping to achieve in that space? Are you looking for a formal or casual feel? Once you have a clear vision of what you want, follow these tips from Stellars Gallery and you’re sure to get the hang of hanging wall art in no time.

  1. There are several  ways of hanging than just getting to “eye level”.  Most people like to use their judgment on where they would like the art to be placed, as far as the height off of a mantle, above a couch, in a stairwell, etc.
  2. As long as you have an idea of where you’d like the artwork to be placed, it is just a matter of finding the height you would like it placed above something else (chest, bench, credenza, piano, etc.).
  3. Equally important is finding a center for your placement—keep in mind that the size of the artwork should be proportionate to the room.
  4. Often there are many factors of how to “center” your art. You may have your couch situated against a wall with a side table to its side and the couch may not be centered. You will need to decide if you must have the art centered on the wall regardless of the couch, or use the couch as a centering tool. It may be tricky because you may have beams in your ceiling that throw the placement off, but that is once again a judgment call.
  5. Make sure you do not hang your art too high. You and your guests will be craning your necks to see it and it will not be as enjoyable as closer to eye level is.
  6. When you hang on wallpaper, be sure you take all the necessary steps to avoid making holes that cannot be removed once hammered.
  7. Another great tip is to  use painters paper  and painters tape to hang up templates of finished framed pieces for layout (see above).
  8. When in doubt, create a template of the size of your artwork and place it where you think you might like to hang your picture. This will give you sense of space, centering, distance and height that will allow you to avoid holding up large heavy artwork. To hold up your template, you can use artist’s masking tape, which is less sticky than standard masking tape and most likely will not remove wallpaper or paint.

We hope these tips and techniques have been helpful. If you prefer to have someone help in your installation, please feel free to CMR Interiors.

Photo Credit: CMR Interiors


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