Points to Consider When Buying a Sofa

First off it’s referred to as a sofa, NOT a couch—I learned this in design school. Couch was too bourgeois for my teacher.

My Grandmother Ingrid was from Copenhagen and always referred to the sofa as a “Davenport.” She had one of those long, low, very square Danish-style sofas that we only sat on once a year: during Christmas when we were all sitting around unwrapping Christmas gifts.

No matter what you call it, the sofa is the basic fundamental to many a living room,  and choosing one that fits just right can be tough. In fact, this decision is very hard for most people to pull the trigger on.

Here are the points to consider when shopping sofas:

  • Scale: what is right for the room
  • Size: Width, height, depth
  • Style: What is right for your home, and is consistent with the look you are working with
  • Fabric: Sleek and modern, traditional and cozy, pet friendly, kid friendly, green, etc.
  • Cushion Insides: down, spring, fill for the seats and then how you want the back cushions to be: down or wrapped foam. Down requires more maintenance and fluffing up.
  • Construction of the piece, quality of the work you are seeking : I’m picky about the welting being totally straight and the cushions being square if they are supposed to be, wrinkles, etc.
  • Pricing: What is the price you are willing to pay for something you love and must have vs. something you like that will simply “work”.

When it comes to the sofa, I say buy one that’s not too trendy or “of the moment”. Also this piece MUST be comfortable. So much so that you will want to reupholster it, over replacing in 10 years.

And lastly you should really, really love it.

Contact CMR Interiors today to learn more about transforming your interior space into something you absolutely love. In the meantime, take a look below at some of our favorite sofas.

Photo Credit: Darryl Carter via House Beautiful

Photo Credit: RUE CAMBON SOFA via Edward Ferrell

Photo Credit: Atkins Sofa via Edward Ferrell

Photo Credit: David Easton for Lee Jofa –the Hyde Park sofa

Photo Credit: Williams Sonoma Home

Photo Credit: Antique Edward Wormley sofa from 50’s , 1st dibs

Photo Credit: Bedford Sofa via Wiliams Sonoma Home

Photo Credit: Amelia Sofa

Photo Credit: Minima Sofa by Richard Shapiro/Studiolo

Photo Credit: Summer Hill Ltd.

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