Patterned Carpeting for Kids Rooms

For most people, the first inclination for kids room carpeting is to go neutral. Aside from the fact that neutral is absolutely boring for a kid’s room, nothing exposes dirt and grime faster than a light, neutral-colored carpet. Kids puke. Kids spill. Kids trek dirt in from outside. It’s for this very reason that I suggest patterned carpeting in kids’ rooms if the client’s budget allows. Why, you ask?  Because it successfully hides minor stains and infractions and also, if stained, the stain becomes less important in comparison to the overall pattern of the carpeting.

Besides, nearly everything comes out with a little elbow grease from Stanley Steamer. Stains, in general, should never be a problem if the carpeting is maintained correctly.

I once had a project in Lincoln Park with clients that had already paid a faux artist a year earlier to do little runner murals at the top of the walls. The clients’ children absolutely loved the murals and were attached to them; obviously, I wasn’t going to mess with them. I did, however, touch up a few small things which included changing the carpeting and padding, repainting old furniture and lastly, adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls (under the untouchable murals, of course) so they would look crisp and clean.

Later, after these pictures were taken, I added pictures of the kids above their beds and on walls. These small changes completely transformed the rooms. Take a look at the pizzazz and fun the patterned carpeting adds to the space. No beige, cream or tan pattern-less carpeting could achieve this look.

Photo Credit: CMR Interiors

Photo Credit: Canadian House & Home/Kelly Wearstler Design

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2 responses to “Patterned Carpeting for Kids Rooms”

  1. D. Canton says :

    This is great information. I have a question for you: I’m in the process of remodeling my 3/2.5 bungalow and although I don’t have any children, I’d like to make or existing guest room into something of a kids’ playroom. Is there a certain type of pattern that you’d recommend to complement a room that has a light blue and white argyle pattern painted on the walls already? Thanks.

    • cmrinteriors says :

      I’m not sure…it would have to do with the scale of the pattern and the color. You should borrow samples from a carpet store. Paint should always come after the rest of the decorating has been done……its harder to work backworks from a design like that with carpeting because there are only so many dye lots of color to choose from in carpeting, where in paint, you can paint over many times in hundreds of colors. I don’t think potential buyers would like a pattern like that either because its difficult to work with.

      Hope that helps!

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