Reduce Noise Pollution in Your Home

I have so many clients that complain about not getting any peace and quiet in their own homes. They can’t escape the sounds of the kids, TV, video games, so that they can decompress at the end of the day.

Today, most houses with that “open feeling” that people tend to love, are very “noise-polluted” households. This is usually the result of poor insulation that has no sound-proofing properties. Additionally, it’s due to the design of having this big, open tunnel-like architecture everywhere. This tends to create echoes that reverberate off of walls as well as noise that travels up and down the stairs.

By making a few small changes in areas throughout the home including its flooring, staircases and walls, you can be on your way to finally enjoying the peace and quiet you deserve.


Nothing is louder than wood-tread stairs with no carpeting runners on them! If you want to block noise, then start here first. In rentals or condos that have only commercial-grade carpet, runners over wood treads or a fully carpeted staircase are both great ideas. It’s also the healthier choice as it holds fewer allergens than its poly-blend counterparts.  Be sure to pad hallways and stairs especially well in areas where there is no concrete between each floor to absorb sound and every footstep can be heard.

Wall Insulation:

When I renovate, I suggest to clients to use higher-quality insulation like Roxul. This is a fantastic product. It has sound-deadening properties, is fire-retardant, very thick and easy to install. My clients love it and it definitely quiets their homes. It’s also great for builders who are building condo units and want to give more privacy between each unit as well as provide additional fire protection. Roxul can even be easily cut with a knife or scissors. I have used it in my walls between my neighbor and our condo unit and in our master bedroom behind our Quiet Rock. I am not a fan, however, of Blown-in insulation which is a cheap standard, and has very little noise pollution blockage. If your builder wants to use the miserable and messy product, I highly suggest an upgrade. Batted insulation with fireproof and soundproof benefits is super easy and mess free to install.

Carpet Padding:

While most people don’t pay any attention to the carpet padding and eventually sustain identifiable pathways, this is one flooring area that matters. The only brand of carpet padding I use in homes is Healthier Choice. Carpet sales people always try to sell me on a “similar” product but none of those have the same properties as this one so I insist on it. Click here to find out why.  If you have a house where kids will be upstairs playing, then definitely use the Roxul underneath their floors for the insulation and don’t use wood floors—kids need carpeting and you need peace and quiet.

Extra Details: Fabrics, Upholstered Walls, Wallcoverings

The  more fabrics, rugs, and wall treatments like grasscloth, certain types of wallcoverings, or upholstered walls you install the more cozy and quiet you rooms will be. Sure that cost more than paint but is worth it for the peace and quiet, character and sound absorption.  Upholstery fabrics with texture and weight, or a nap so that kids and dogs can be on them are practical but also provide more cushion for sound absorption around the room.

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