Stair Runners Add Tailored Elegance

A recent survey by the good folks over at PaperPepe Magazine revealed the 75 percent of individuals think wooden stairs – with or a without runners – are 100 times better than carpeted ones. Additionally, it’s more expensive to do the stair tread in wood and then run a stair runner all the way up several flights but this decor speaks volumes of the home’s tailored elegance & quality. What I also like about this finish is that it can be changed out over and over again as the house or home changes owners over the years.

I think one of the more practical materials to use on stairs is sisal with cotton, linen, or high quality vinyl binding down the side to simulate leather. If your budget is higher, a border can be made out of a contrasting carpet color and sewn so that it lines up on the stairs. Depending on the material used for the runner, a great bit of soundproofing throughout your living space can be achieved.

Stay tuned for a series of tips from CMR Interiors on how to reduce noise in your home. In the meantime, take a look at some of our favorite stair runners.

Photo Credit: Francesco Lagnese via House Beautiful

Photo Credit: Francesco Lagnese via House Beautiful

Photo Credit: Tria Giovan via Suzanne Kasler Design, Traditional Home Magazine

Photo Credit: CMR Interiors

Photo Credit: CMR Interiors


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