Plasma TV Display Ideas

Here at CMR Interiors, I’ve had my fair share of particular client requests. For example, sometimes clients want a bookcase, shelf, armoire or some other focal point in the room above the fireplace—anything but a television. They think it’s unattractive or unsophisticated. I, personally, happen to disagree with this. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a television above a fireplace as long as it’s pulled off in a tasteful way. What is unattractive, however, is having some oddball cabinetry just to hide (or display) a television that is outdated. Having two focal points is also unattractive but the television itself is fine. After all, there’s no shame in admitting you use television for entertainment.

Take a look at a few of our favorite above-the-mantel television displays.

Photo Credit: Elysian Hotel

Photo Credit: CMR Interiors

Photo Credit: Francesco Lagnese via House Beautiful

Photo Credit: Victoria Pearson via House Beautiful

Photo Credit: Lisa Cregan via House Beautiful


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