Dining Room Season Has Arrived

When working with your interior designer to create your style of dining room, remember that the dining room is for entertaining so you want intimacy, drama and comfort for your guests, as well as the correct scale for all components for the room.

Those components are:

1. Great Artwork

2.  Fabulous Light Fixture

3.  Rug

4.  A Table you LOVE that works

5.  Chairs that are interesting & comfortable

6.  Storage –if it works in the room (if it doesn’t work and you can’t afford custom, then its better to skip)

7.  Luxe Window Treatments

High Drama &  Easy Going Sophistication

Designer: Victoria Borus, B Five Studio
Photographer: Simon Upton

Transitional Minimalist

Emily Summers Design Associates

Great Mix of Modern with Baroque

Interior Designer: Betty Burgess, Betty Burgess Design
Architect: D. Stanley Dixon, D. Stanley Dixon Architect
Photo: Erica George Dines

Elegant Organic

Kerry Joyce Design Associates
Chairs by Kerry Joyce
Agate chandelier by Ironies

Updated Deco

Designer: Reed Krueger
Photo: Nathan Kirkman


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