White Kitchen Envy

Lately I have had kitchen envy. I  LOVE  the white cabinetry I have been seeing. This is a bold look that makes a strong statement and it’s not  high maintenance.  In my experience, light floors and light cabinetry are all less maintenance then the dark wood cabinet ebony stained doors and floors– the darks show all dust, pet hair, fingerprints, and crumbs on the floor which is annoying.

The most important aspect to pulling off a white kitchen well is natural lighting.   So make sure you have plenty of added sunshine if remodeling your kitchen. Put a sunlight in if you can’t change the windows…..and if you can put in taller or wider windows, do so!  It will be worth the extra money spent. Because part of that open airy feeling you see in the magazines, if you look closely at the pictures below, is natural sunlight at play bouncing around the room.

No designer can duplicate the flattering light of natural light with man made bulbs. So you have to make sure that your designer knows something about lighting for your kitchen pendants, chandeliers, and under cabinet lighting. Because if its too yellow its going to make the cabinetry look dingy at night or on an overcast day.

If an all white kitchen still doesn’t appeal to you entirely, check out these driftwood/white oak and white kitchens.  It’s modern and clean as well and gives a more updated look than other woods and  still keeps the room feeling light while giving the room a bit more architectural interest.

Photographer: Eric Roth

Designer: Michael Bell & Paul Castell

Designers: Darren Sukonic & Matthew Sapera
Photographer: Eric Roth
Photo: Tria Giovan
Designer: Andrew Brown
Designer: Stephen Shadley

Designer: Matthew Rao

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