The Luxe of Custom Canvas

When paint is too dull and wallpaper is too static –and you have a luxe budget, consider creating a custom work of art for a wall, a ceiling, a niche, or an area that is special to you.

When I hear the word “mural” come from a client I tend to cringe. Because many murals tend to be over the top.  Then there is always the anticipation of not knowing what to expect when its finished which in the past has kept me from going this route. But with a canvassed wall you can see what you are getting before it’s installed. This has its advantages for both the client and the designer in that it’s easier for the artist to create it in their studio and easier to install for the client. The designer can visit on progress to talk frankly about how its evolving, and to get it just right in terms of scale, color and texture. Once its finished, it is up for expert installation in the clients home-usually in one day. Meaning no weeks, days or even months creating the masterpiece in the client’s home-which tends to annoy a client when they are living in the house!

  • Total control of color,  hue, and design
  • One of  a kind work of art for your home which noone else will have
  • More control of the project off-site and easier installation of the canvas with one day installation

Created by Jorge of Simes Studios, this Chinoiserie, monochromatic, almost drawing like artwork has hints of cream and blue-gray colors.
The canvas was applied to a screen then gilded with aluminum leaf.
The style is very much in the manner of 19th and 20th century fine hand painted and gilded paper.

Neoclassical archway in Lake Forest.  Notice how fine the work is.

By Simes Studios

by David Keith Braly

This canvas is at Cafe Spiaggia on Michigan and Oak, 2nd floor. One of Simes Studios’ most complex installations, the jute canvas was textured to give it the feel of a frescoed wall. They also developed a few different finishes for this decor, such as trompe l’oeil mosaic and grisaille of plaster-like bas reliefs. Installed for 14 years now, the canvas has taken a considerable beating as the place continues to be a hot spot, and still looks like the day they installed it.

Which goes to show that paper on walls will never give your walls the benefits of durability, luxury and toughness as that of custom canvas walls.

CMR Interiors : Lincoln Park breakfast nook banquet area canvas by Simes Studios.

Photos courtesy of Simes Studios

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  1. Jorge says :

    What a lovely article! It’s good looking and informative, and very easy to read.

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