Upholstered walls capture sound & look fabulous

The main advantage of upholstered walls is peace and quiet. When you walk into a room that has upholstered walls there is a certain incredible stillness that nothing else can replicate.  Sound doesn’t bounce all over the room. I like upholstered walls in library/studies,  dining rooms, home theaters, master bedrooms and powders rooms because of this benefit. You also see them a lot on yachts because everyone is so closely quartered and the upholstered walls help provide more privacy to the owners. They also create a true feeling of rich coziness that clients are often thrilled with.

Upholstered walls offer texture, color and patterns; and the application is dependent on the fabric the client wants to use. Now you can use anything your budget can allow: leather, suede, ultrasuede and mohair, would be on the expensive side and chenille, silk, linens and even burlap on the less costly side. For plainer fabrics with little to no pattern, I like it stretched like wallpaper or you can use various baffling seen below: squares, or vertical or horizontal seams.

Upholstered walls are considered a luxury wall treatment but cleaning them is as simple as vacuuming your walls with an attachment on low suction. I would suggest a Miele canister vacuum for this which has a dial setting for suction control. And for those pesky liquid spills in the dining room, call up a local cleaners to have the wall cleaned. Just as you would have  an upholstered chair cleaned, the same principle applies to an upholstered wall.  Of course, you can always also have that fabric pre-treated for staining so that clean up is easier.

Here are some great examples of upholstered walls:

Lincoln Park powder room adjoining kitchen & dining room-which is not the best placement due to privacy.  My solution for this room was to install upholstered walls for sound proofing in a fabric that is fabulous and textured above dark paneling that would make the room more practical for the 3 toddlers in the house. CMR Interiors.

I love working with modern designs, and here are a few pictures that reflect a more modern look from Upholstered Walls by Anne Marie.

This rust dupioni silk was done with a double welt demarcation to create rectangles for a recessed bed area. This was done by Michael & Associates.

This foyer, done by Cannon-Frank for the Dream Home at the Mart, was fashioned after the art deco style. The welting between vertical channels divides the space to achieve the designer’s vision.

The office photo shows custom cut, upholstered panels with brown ultra suede that was done by Page One Interiors.

This lobby area at the Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf was done with leather panels cut from hides using a track system, where you don’t need any trim at all. The architect was Anderson-Miller in Chicago.

The horizontal channels with the black credenza has welting on the perimeters but no welting between the channels. This can also be done vertically, but for this particular room the designer wanted a wall treatment that would reflect the lines of the credenza.  Page One Interiors in Barrington.

Photos courtesy of Upholstered Walls by Anne Marie

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