The Benefits of Wallpaper

Wallpaper allows you to bring beauty and function to your interior walls that transform the style of your room.

Besides the obvious aesthetic value of wallpaper-which tends to be dynamic to subtle depending on what you choose, ie. pattern vs. texture, they also have quite a few performance benefits such as:

  • Durability – the heavy duty wallpaper protect the wall better than paint
  • Hiding cracks or blemishes on walls in poor condition
  • Easily cleaned – Vinyl wallcoverings are usually easier to clean than painted walls
  • Some Sound Proofing Benefits- textural wallcoverings can also quiet noise and annoying echoes in your home rather than upholstered walls

Wallcoverings also provide the protection for your walls that you need, without sacrificing aesthetics. Take a look at this elegant dining room designed by Thad Hayes.

For this project, he chose a more muted toned Gracie wallpaper to create an overall feel of traditional glamour.

Oak Plank Board wallpaper by Nobilis of France.

CMR Interiors: Caba Paper in Ivory

I like lines that run horizontal which are great in modern design. This photo from Farrow & Ball shows the closet stripe pattern.

This Anniversary Half Plaid print in Indigo Earth is by Maya Romanoff.


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